Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Academic Writing

The importance influenced on me when I was a child.
My brother was an important influence to me as a child. He was very hard working on his studies and I wanted to be like him. He studies at Yarmouk, Jordan for 5 years in Bachelor of Syariah. He study hard to finish his studies and became excellent student. Now, he gets a good job. I listened to his stories and wanted to study, too. Today, I continue my study because of his influence.

Methods of learning language.
In my opinion the content- based approach method is a good way to learn English. The human brain needs to solve their problems. In a content- based approach class, students study academic material. Students learn the vocabulary and grammar necessary to the content. These strategies help students with new words, note- taking reading and writing. Students spend a lot of time in group discussion and problem solving.

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